Marine Construction

Each industry is different. Every project has new challenges. Our professional team at Omega Divers is ready to help you with your next marine construction project.

Regardless of your location, we have the equipment to complete projects. We are committed to the safe and timely completion of your project.

We offer the following services in the Marine construction sector:

  • Underwater Cutting
  • Wire Saw & Guillotine
  • Underwater Welding
  • Scraping/Structure Removal
  • Pile repair, Inspection, and Encasements / Wraps
  • Pipeline Construction Support, Repair, Maintenance
  • Sheet Pile Bulkheads
  • Anode Installation
  • Subsea Tie-Ins
  • Jetting/Dredging
  • Underwater Grouting
  • Articulated Concrete Mats and Erosion Control
  • Riser and Riser Clamp Installations

And many more tasks not listed here.

Learn more about our other services:

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